Oxford English Dictionary Is Adding ‘Merica, Moobs, and YOLO

Oxford English Dictionary Is Adding ‘Merica, Moobs, and YOLO


The Oxford English Dictionary is adding a bunch of new words, and it’s a pretty good round-up this year.  Here are the ten best ones . . .

1.  Fuhgeddaboudit.  Like how Tony Soprano would say “forget about it.”

2.  ‘Merica . . . meaning America without the “A” at the beginning.

3.  Bracketology.  Which you hear a lot during March Madness.

4.  Clickbait.  And another new one is “clicktivism” . . . when you support a cause online, but don’t actually go out and DO anything.

5.  Moobs . . . short for ‘man boobs.’

6.  Non-apology.  When you act like you’re apologizing, but don’t actually say you’re sorry.

7.  Swirlie.  When you dunk someone’s head in a toilet and flush it.  Which seems like it could have been added 50 years ago.

8.  YOLO.  Which stands for “you only live once.”

9.  Squee.  It’s Internet slang for when something’s cute.  They traced it back to an online discussion about Ewoks from 1998.

10.  Kegerator.  A refrigerator with a tap on the front, and a keg of beer inside.

(Here’s the full list, which includes a few R-rated entries.)

(Time / OED.com)

Facebook is Finally Adding a ‘Dislike’ Button

Facebook is Finally Adding a ‘Dislike’ Button

'Dislike' Button

‘Dislike’ Button

Facebook has finally bowed to public demand, and decided to add a ‘Dislike’ button. They announced it yesterday at a public town hall meeting that was streamed online. Who watches that?

According to MARK ZUCKERBERG, quote, “I think people have asked about the dislike button for many years. Today is a special day, because today is the day I can say we’re working on it and shipping it.”

Right now you only have the option of “liking” something or commenting on it. The new ‘Dislike’ function will be available soon, but there’s no official date.

But whenever they do add it, it WON’T work like a voting system, where stuff that people ‘like’ gets up-voted higher, and stuff that people ‘dislike’ is down-voted and lower. So what’s the point?

According to Zuckerberg, quote, “What [users] really want is the ability to express empathy. Not every moment is a good moment.”

Riiight. Everybody knows what this is . . . a way to diss someone’s opinions or annoying posts without actually having to say why. But it’ll still show WHO disliked something, so you can’t flame people anonymously . . . don’t get too excited.

In other important Facebook news, Zuckerberg says his favorite emojis are the cactus, and an image of his dog Beast.


Katy Perry admits Beyoncé is the Queen of Pop

Katy Perry admits Beyoncé is the Queen of Pop

download (5)There’s no doubt that Katy Perry is a superstar, just don’t call her the queen of pop because that title belongs to someone else.  “It kind of embarrasses me because I don’t feel that way. I have pinch-me moments, sure, but Beyoncé is the biggest pop star in the world so don’t be blasphemous,” she told Time Out London.”  “I hope [I’m an empathetic pop star]. I work really hard; I work myself into this state. But Beyonce’s an icon and bionic, almost. I bet she doesn’t get sick ever!”

Katy has a pretty close connection to her fans and knows that’s key to her success. When asked about her strengths, she replied, “My relatability, I think,” adding,  “That and my openness to vulnerability. And just the general good-time fun. And, possibly – not to keep going on – the kind of inspirational zest you can get from the songs.”

Source: music-news.com

Lana Del Rey, Lorde And More Heading For Austin This Fall

Lana Del Rey, Lorde And More Heading For Austin This Fall

lana-del-rey-tour-600x450Lana Del Rey is adding another festival to her calendar this year.  She’s among the artists who’ve been announced on the line-up for Austin City Limits later this fall.

In fact, Del Rey is on board for both parts of the festival in Zilker Park during the first two weekends of October.  Lorde will be there for weekend two.

Icona Pop, St. Vincent, Juanes, Iggy Azalea, Fitz & The Tantrums, Sam Smith, Calvin Harris and Zedd are set to join headliners including Eminem, Pearl Jam and Outkast.  Wanna go? Regular-priced three-day passes are on sale now at ACLFestival.com.

Drake & Rihanna photographed holding hands

Drake & Rihanna photographed holding hands

ririWe told you that Drake and Rihanna were dating. Now it’s starting to look official. The two were seen holding hands as they left a club in London last week.

Sources tell Us Weekly that Drake and Rih’s relationship is, “working well.” They apparently looked happy when the hand-in-hand pic was snapped. Another source said that they’re both catching feelings for each other, adding, “He lives for her, but she’s really into him, too.”

This relationship has been going on for a while, but it must be progressing because the musicians aren’t hiding it as well as they used to. Stay tuned.