Football Scores
Week 11
  • Rockport-Fulton 19 VS La Feria 14
  • Sharyland Pioneer 31 VS Mercedes 68
  • Brownsville Hanna 32 VS Edinburg Vela 34
  • Brownsville Lopez 17 VS Mission Veterans Memorial 25
  • Grulla 16 VS Pleasanton 32
  • Weslaco East 49 VS PSJA High 13
  • Santa Rosa 0 VS Goliad 49
  • La Joya High 7 VS San Antonio Southwest 14
  • Sharyland High 59 VS Brownsville Pace 43
  • Laredo United South 6 VS McAllen Memorial 44
  • McAllen Rowe 17 VS Laredo Alexander 42
  • Los Fresnos 34 VS Edinburg High 14
  • Edinburg North 7 VS San Benito 50
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is the World’s Highest Paid Actor

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is the World’s Highest Paid Actor


DWAYNE ‘THE ROCK’ JOHNSON has topped’s annual list of ‘The Highest Paid Actors in World.’  He raked in $64.5 million over the past 12 months.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. had been #1 in each of the past three years.  This year, he’s tied for eighth.  But you can save your sympathy, he still raked in $33 million.

The list also includes FOREIGN actors.  JACKIE CHAN finished at #2 for the second straight year, and several Bollywood actors also made the cut.

Here’s the Top 20:

1.  Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, $64.5 million

2.  Jackie Chan, $61 million . . . mostly from the Chinese box office, obviously.

3.  Matt Damon, $55 million

4.  Tom Cruise, $53 million

5.  Johnny Depp, $48 million . . . that doesn’t include the $7 million he lost in his divorce settlement with Amber Heard.

6.  Ben Affleck, $43 million

7.  Vin Diesel, $35 million

8.  A tie between Robert Downey Jr. and Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, with $33 million each

10.  A tie between Brad Pitt and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, with $31.5 million each

12.  A tie between Adam Sandler and Mark Wahlberg, with $30 million each

14.  Bollywood actor Salman Khan, $28.5 million

15.  Leonardo DiCaprio, $27 million

16.  Chris Pratt, $26 million

17.  Will Smith, $20.5 million

18.  Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, $20 million

19.  Matthew McConaughey, $18 million

20.  Harrison Ford, $15 million

The actors who dropped off the list this year include:  Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, Jonah Hill, Liam Neeson, Chris Hemsworth, and Seth Rogen.

(You can revisit the highest paid actresses list, here.)


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People Judge You Within 26 Seconds of Entering Your Home . . . Here’s What They’re Looking For

People Judge You Within 26 Seconds of Entering Your Home . . . Here’s What They’re Looking For


You know how when you go to someone’s house, you immediately start judging it . . . even without realizing you’re doing it? Yeah . . . everyone does that to you too.

A new survey found the average person has totally judged you and made up their mind about how you live within 26 SECONDS of entering your place. Here are 10 of the snap judgments they use to come up with their opinion . . .

  1.  The smell.
  2.  The amount of clutter.
  3.  Any stains or marks on the walls.
  4.  How nice the couch is.
  5.  The decorations on the walls.
  6.  Whether the way you decorated is modern or stylish.
  7.  Piles of mail stacked up.
  8.  Whether shoes are arranged neatly or scattered everywhere.
  9.  Kids toys lying around.
  10.  The amount of random dust.

(FemaleFirst / Daily Mail)