Do you ever wake up in a bad mood, and you’re not sure WHY? Here are three possible reasons, according to science.

1. You’re not getting enough fruits and vegetables. A recent study found that people who eat seven servings of produce a day tend to be happier, less anxious, and less likely to be depressed.

2. You’re dehydrated. A 2012 study found that even being a LITTLE dehydrated can put you in a bad mood. In general, men should get at least 3.7 liters of water a day, and women should get 2.7. And yes, things like coffee and juice DO count.

3. You check Facebook too much. A study this year found that if you’re on there constantly, you start realizing it’s a HUGE waste of time . . . which makes you feel bad about yourself. And that probably applies for things like fantasy football too.

(Huffington Post)