Rihanna – We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

Love the style, love the Trainspotting meets A Requiem for a Dream- feel of it all, love the clothes, love the cinematography, love the music, love the story, love the performances, love the lyrics, love the beginning, love the end, love the middle part, love that it shows the consequences of drugs vs. promoting it, love that she leaves – I just love everything about this music video. It is definitely one of my all time favorites.

Buy on iTunes – http://idj.to/iWfndL

David Hasselhoff’s New Video is the Most ’80s Thing Ever

David Hasselhoff’s New Video is the Most ’80s Thing Ever

DAVID HASSELHOFF just released a video called “True Survivor”, and it might just be the most ’80s thing EVER. Which isn’t too surprising, because the song is from the soundtrack to a movie called “Kung Fury”, which is a parody of ’80s Kung Fu flicks.

The video includes Ancient-looking computers, bad, pre-CGI effects, mullets, fog machines, a keytar, groovy “Double Dragon”-style headbands, and a Nintendo Power Glove . . .

Not to mention Hitler, a T-Rex, and Thor . . . the Norse god, not the comic book character. But that’s just because the hero in the movie does some time traveling, and he has to fight Hitler.

The song itself is so cheesy, I’m tempted to travel back in time just to insert it into the training montage of a “Rocky” sequel.