DJ Khaled Is #1 on the Billboard 200 for a Second Week

DJ Khaled Is #1 on the Billboard 200 for a Second Week

DJ KHALED’s new album “Grateful” sold another 70,000 copies to top the Billboard 200 for a second straight week.

The new album by Taylor Swift’s ex CALVIN HARRIS“Funk Wav Bounces, Volume 1”, was a close second.  It sold 68,000 copies in its first week.  Here are this week’s Top 10 albums . . .

  1.   “Grateful”DJ Khaled . . . 70,000 copies
  2.   NEW:  “Funk Wav Bounces, Volume 1”Calvin Harris . . . 68,000 copies
  3.   “DAMN”Kendrick Lamar . . . 56,000
  4.   “Evolve”Imagine Dragons . . . 44,000 copies
  5.   “Divide”Ed Sheeran . . . 38,000 copies
  6.   “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”2 Chainz . . . a little more than 33,000 copies
  7.   “24K Magic”Bruno Mars . . . 33,000 copies
  8.   NEW:  “Hydrograd”Stone Sour . . . a little less than 33,000 copies
  9.   “More Life”Drake . . . 32,000 copies
  10.   The “Moana” soundtrack . . . 31,000 copies


Guys Don’t Get What’s Wrong with This Pool Float, But Women See It Immediately

Guys Don’t Get What’s Wrong with This Pool Float, But Women See It Immediately

Someone posted a photo this week of an inflatable pool float Sam’s Club has been selling.  And it’s trending online, because guys don’t see what’s wrong with it . . . but women see it immediately.

The thing looks EXACTLY like a giant maxi pad.  It’s white with a little bit of blue, and the design even makes it look like it’s quilted.

Someone posted a photo on Reddit.  Then it blew up after a romance novelist named Jillian David shared it on Twitter with a caption that said, “This could have been avoided with ONE focus group of women.”


Eating Chocolate Before Dinner Can Help You Lose Weight?

Eating Chocolate Before Dinner Can Help You Lose Weight?

Anyone who says I can have dessert BEFORE dinner is a hero in my book. And in this case I’M the one who gets to say it. So, you’re welcome America . . .

According to a new study, eating CHOCOLATE before dinner might help you lose weight, because it suppresses your appetite. But before you get too excited, it has to be DARK chocolate.

Researchers in England had three groups of women eat a tiny bit of chocolate before meals, and tracked them for three weeks to see how much they ate.

Some of them had dark chocolate, some had milk chocolate, and some had white chocolate. And the ones who had dark chocolate consumed about 20% fewer calories during their next meal than the ones who ate milk chocolate. But they felt just as full.

The ones who ate white chocolate actually ate the MOST . . . about 10% more calories than the milk chocolate group, and 30% more than the ones who ate dark chocolate.

So a TINY bit of dark chocolate before dinner might actually help you lose weight. But obviously too much could do the opposite because of the extra calories.

They think it works because of a compound in chocolate that makes you digest carbs more slowly, which suppresses your appetite. And there’s more of the compound in dark chocolate than any other kind.

(Daily Mail)

The Best and Worst Times to Be Driving This Weekend

The Best and Worst Times to Be Driving This Weekend

Fourth of July falls on a Tuesday this year, but that’s not stopping a ton of people from heading out of town this weekend.

We spoke with Leonel Mascorro from Jaguar of San Juan who helped us understand what’s happening this fourth of July weekend and how we can best navigate through it safely.

Here are some stats on Independence Day weekend traffic . . .

Triple-A says 44.2 million Americans have plans to travel 50 or more miles away from home this weekend.  That’s 1.25 million more people than last year, and it makes this the most traveled Independence Day holiday weekend EVER.

The vast majority of people traveling will be going by car . . . 37.5 million.

The absolute WORST time to be on the road is between 2:00 and 5:00 P.M. TODAY.

So if you thought you were going to beat traffic by heading out of the office early today . . . NOPE.

There’s also triple the normal traffic expected between 10:00 and 11:00 P.M. on the Fourth, which coincides with the conclusion of most firework displays.

The BEST day to be on the road between now and Tuesday is Monday, July 3rd.

And finally, be careful out there.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an average of 118 people die in Fourth of July car crashes every year, mostly due to alcohol.

(AAA / Fox News / Atlanta Journal-Constitution)


Karma? They Tried to Return Items They Bought With Counterfeit Cash . . . and Gets the Same Fake Bills Back

Karma? They Tried to Return Items They Bought With Counterfeit Cash . . . and Gets the Same Fake Bills Back

There’s kind of an elegant symmetry in this stupidity.

A couple went to a Victoria’s Secret in Fairfield, Connecticut on Monday and bought $780 worth of stuff using counterfeit $50 and $100 bills.  (And, I guess, a real $10 and a real $20.)

Then they went back later in the day and tried to return the items for money.  Their plan was to get back real bills . . . but it all fell apart when their fake ones were the only large bills in the register.

So when the cashier handed it to them, the woman looked at the bills and said, quote, “These are fake.”

The cashier QUICKLY figured out what happened and when she threatened to call the cops, the couple took off.

The police are investigating.

(Fairfield Citizen)

Four Weird Signs You’re Smarter Than Average

Four Weird Signs You’re Smarter Than Average

You don’t have to be a genius to make a lot of money.  A study a while back found the average millionaire who went to college only had a GPA of 2.9.  That’s a B-student.  Some of them had GPA’s that were a lot lower than that.  So being rich isn’t always a sign you’re smarter than average.  But here are four weird things that HAVE been linked to a high I.Q. . . .

  1.   You’re a cat person.  A study in 2014 found cat people tend to score higher on intelligence tests than dog people.  But dog people score higher in friendliness.
  2.   You’ve done DRUGS.  Obviously they don’t MAKE you smart.  But a study in 2012 found kids with high I.Q.’s are more likely to try recreational drugs later in life.  And they also drink more.
  3.   You’re tall.  A 2008 study found tall kids tend to score higher on tests than shorter kids do.  Obviously that doesn’t mean all short people are morons.  You just might be slightly more likely to have a really high I.Q. if you’re tall.
  4.   You’re funny.  A study in 2011 had people take tests to measure their reasoning skills.  Then they had to write captions for “New Yorker” cartoons.  Granted, “New Yorker” cartoons require a specific type of humor.  But the smartest people in the study also wrote the funniest captions.

(Business Insider)