Oh My God . . . Zima Is Back!

Oh My God . . . Zima Is Back!

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.

ZIMA . . . yes, Zima . . . is back, baby!

MillerCoors just announced that they’re bringing back Zima from the grave for a limited time. It’ll go on sale July 4th weekend.

Zima debuted back in 1993 and eventually made up 1% of the American alcohol market . . . but its popularity faded and it was discontinued in 2008.

A spokesman from MillerCoors says they’re bringing it back because, quote, “’90s inspiration is everywhere, from food to fashion and more . . . it’s clear the decade has made a comeback.”

But he also says that once this run of Zima sells out, the dream is over . . . they won’t be making any more.


(ABC 5 – Cleveland)

7 Ways to Be “Cool” on Social Media, According to Teens

7 Ways to Be “Cool” on Social Media, According to Teens

Someone had a bunch of teenagers explain how to be “cool” on social media. Here are seven rules to follow . . . and none them are about Facebook, because teens just don’t care. Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are where it’s at.

1. Pay attention to your “following” to “followers” ratio. You should have at least twice as many followers. So if you’re following a ton of people, delete them.

2. Only use hashtags ironically. Don’t use them for any other reason. And stop saying “Throwback Thursday.” Apparently it’s lame now.

3. Make your videos short, and don’t post too many. Like if you’re at a concert, don’t post 30 photos and videos to the same Snapchat Story. It’s annoying and lame.

4. Don’t post boring photos where you’re just sitting around or lying in bed. Only post photos on Instagram and Snapchat when you’re out doing something fun.

5. Don’t end your posts with a ton of emojis. The max before you seem lame is three emojis per post.

6. Stop posting photos of food. You can do it every now and then, but not too often.

7. Don’t post a ton of selfies. It makes you look like you have no friends.


It’s National Donut Day! Here’s How to Get Free Donuts

It’s National Donut Day! Here’s How to Get Free Donuts

A bunch of donut places are giving out FREE DONUTS for National Donut Day today.  You can get a free donut at participating Krispy Kreme locations.  You don’t even have to buy anything.  (Find the closest participating location here.)

You can also get a free donut at Dunkin’ Donuts if you buy a drink.  (Check out a few more donut deals here.)

It’s not just a made-up holiday to sell donuts though.  The Salvation Army started it in 1938 to honor a group of women who handed out donuts to soldiers in World War One to boost morale.  So it goes back about 80 years.  Now you know.

(USA Today)

Breaking: Tequila Makes You Lose Weight?

Breaking: Tequila Makes You Lose Weight?

You’re not going to believe this, but according to a new study, drinking TEQUILA helps you lose weight. And not just because it makes you vomit out the contents of your stomach.

Tequila is made from an agave plant. And researchers found that some of the natural sugars in that plant do GREAT things for you.

They lower your blood sugar . . . they help make you feel fuller . . . and they help healthy bacteria grow in your mouth and intestines.

Now . . . this doesn’t really mean that if you want to lose weight, you can eat whatever you want as long as you finish it off with five tequila shots.

The researchers just say that if you ARE out drinking and you want to order something that won’t derail your weight loss progress, tequila might just be the best option.

(The Independent)

Your Meanest Friend Cares About You the Most

Your Meanest Friend Cares About You the Most

You know that friend who seems MORE than willing to give you criticism on every life choice you make . . . whether you ask for it or not? Yeah . . . turns out they’re being that blunt out of LOVE.

A new study out of England found that your MEANEST friend might just care about you more than anyone else.

And the reason they’re being mean is because they really, really want what’s best for you in life, so they’re not going to mince words when they feel like you’re straying off a good path.

The researchers say, quote, “These findings . . . help us to understand why we sometimes may try to make our loved ones feel bad, if we perceive this emotion to be useful to achieve a goal.”

(New York Post)

Seven Stats and Facts About Memorial Day

Seven Stats and Facts About Memorial Day

We’re gearing up for a big weekend. Here are seven interesting stats about Memorial Day . . .

1. 25 cities around the country CLAIM to be the birthplace of Memorial Day. But the first state that officially recognized it as a holiday was New York in 1873.

2. 75% of us will go to a barbecue this weekend. It’s the second most-popular holiday for grilling. Fourth of July is first.

3. Between now and Labor Day, Americans will eat about 7 BILLION hot dogs. That’s 818 hot dogs every second.

4. 39.3 million Americans are traveling this weekend, up about 3% from last year. 88% are driving to their destination. Orlando is the most popular place to go.

5. 41% of us expect to buy something this weekend at a Memorial Day sale.

6. Be careful out there: There’s a 25% bump in cooking-related fires on Memorial Day. About 50,000 people will be injured in car accidents this weekend. And 44% of traffic fatalities will involve alcohol.

7. 42 million veterans have served in war time. And a total of 1.3 million Americans have lost their lives defending the United States. That’s an important stat since remembering THEM is what Memorial Day is really about.

(Wallet Hub)