Taylor Swift Was Not Carried Out of Her Apartment Inside of a Suitcase

Taylor Swift Was Not Carried Out of Her Apartment Inside of a Suitcase

Celebrities have been known to do such strange things to avoid attention . . . or to GET attention . . . that even the most ridiculous stories won’t have most people batting an eye.

But yesterday, that line was crossed when a lot of places reported that TAYLOR SWIFT snuck out of her New York apartment . . . by climbing into a large suitcase and having two men CARRY her out.  (???)

It all started with a paparazzi company, which released a photo of the two men carrying the suitcase.  They captioned it, quote, “Taylor Swift being transported in a huge suitcase from her Tribeca apartment into her truck, in the trunk.”

Later in the day, they took it back . . . and changed the caption to, “Taylor Swift’s security guards are seen moving a huge case into the trunk of a waiting SUV.”  Which makes it a FAR less valuable photo, obviously.

The agency also said that the person who made the mistake was “not really a regular photographer” that they use . . . and that the person had NOT personally verified that Taylor was inside.

Aaron Carter Gets Arrested for DUI, Just After Saying We Won’t See Him Getting Any DUIs

Aaron Carter Gets Arrested for DUI, Just After Saying We Won’t See Him Getting Any DUIs

AARON CARTER was arrested for DUI after being pulled over at 9:00 P.M. in Georgia on Saturday.  Technically, he was arrested for SUSPICION of DUI, because he refused a breathalyzer and drug testing.

He was hit with three misdemeanors:  DUI . . . possession of less than one ounce of marijuana . . . and possession of “drug related objects.”  His girlfriend Madison Parker was also in the car, and she was arrested and charged with obstruction and two drug related charges.  They’ve both posted bond and have been released. Aaron was supposed to be performing in Kansas City on Saturday night, around the time he was pulled over in Georgia.  But several hours before, his people Tweeted, quote, “Due to transportation issues, Aaron will not make his set time tonight in Kansas City.”  This is Aaron’s first DUI arrest . . . and it had some AMAZING timing.   Just FIVE DAYS before the arrest, Aaron was talking to the paparazzi about Shia LaBeouf’s drunken arrest, and he boasted, quote, “You won’t catch ME getting any DUIs.  I don’t have any DUIs.”  TMZ has video of him saying that, and just after he says that, a guy in the background says, quote, “Because I drive.”   It’s unclear who that guy is . . . but he WASN’T driving on Saturday night . . . possibly due to those “transportation issues.”   For what it’s worth, Aaron claims he was being TARGETED because he’s a celebrity.  In a statement on Twitter, he said he was “aggressively” arrested inside an Auto Zone, after he went there looking for help with his car.

He said he has a medical license for the marijuana, and was “not in a moving vehicle while arrested and charged with DUI.”  He also took an angry swipe at his brother Nick, who made it sound like Aaron DID need help.

The 20 Artists Who Made the Most Money Last Year

The 20 Artists Who Made the Most Money Last Year

“Billboard” has put out their annual ‘Music Moneymakers’ list, which ranks the 50 artists who raked in the most money last year.  The estimates include stuff like music sales, streaming, ringtones, publishing royalties, and touring, which is where the big money comes from these days.

They only count U.S. sales and touring, so anyone who spent a lot of last year touring abroad won’t have that income added.  Merchandise sales and sponsorships weren’t included either, because there wasn’t enough information available to make it consistent across the board.

BEYONCÉ is #1, with an estimated net income of $62.1 million, and no one else was even close to that.

Here are the Top 20 Music Moneymakers:

  1.   Beyoncé, $62.1 million
  2.   Guns N’ Roses, $42.3 million
  3.   Bruce Springsteen, $42.2 million
  4.   Drake, $37.3 million
  5.   Adele, $37 million
  6.   Coldplay, $32.3 million
  7.   Justin Bieber, $30.5 million
  8.   Luke Bryan, $27.3 million
  9.   Kanye West, $26.1 million
  10.   Kenny Chesney, $25.4 million
  11.   Billy Joel, $23.6 million
  12.   Rihanna, $22.3 million
  13.   Twenty One Pilots, $21.1 million
  14.   Carrie Underwood, $19.9 million
  15.   Metallica, $18.5 million
  16.   Paul McCartney, $17.7 million
  17.   Future, $17 million
  18.   Garth Brooks, $16.02 million
  19.   Trans-Siberian Orchestra, $16.01 million
  20.   Barbra Streisand, $15.8 million . . . with almost ALL of that coming from touring.  Hey, remember when Barbra launched that farewell tour in 1999?  And then in 2006, and then in 2012?  Yeah, she’s STILL on the road.

(Hit up Billboard.com for the whole list, along with cool breakdowns of how each artist made their money.)

Would You Buy a Secret, Unreleased Michael Jackson Album for $50K?

Would You Buy a Secret, Unreleased Michael Jackson Album for $50K?

A New York auction house called ‘Gotta Have Rock and Roll’ is placing a CD up for bids later this month, and it supposedly contains a full, finished album of unreleased MICHAEL JACKSON songs.

It looks like a blank, Sony CD-R . . . but it has the word “Bible” written in blue sharpie, and it features 12 mastered tracks, all with completed vocals.

Different versions of three of the tracks . . . “Monster”“Breaking News”, and “Keep Your Head Up” . . . appeared on “Michael”, the first album that was put out after his death.  But the other nine tracks have never been released.

The CD was in the possession of an anonymous person who’s described as a, quote, “personal friend and personal assistant to Michael, whose family was very close to Michael for many years.”

The starting bid on the unreleased album is $50,000.  There is a catch, though . . . the winning bidder will NOT have the rights to the music, so they won’t be able to distribute it in any way.

There’s no reason why you can’t play it at a party to impress all your friends.  Although, if you have $50K to burn, impressing your friends probably isn’t something you have a problem with.  (Here’s a video report on the auction.)

Science Just Proved That Drinking Coffee Makes You Live Longer

Science Just Proved That Drinking Coffee Makes You Live Longer

I’m not sure anyone needs ANOTHER reason to drink coffee . . . our current reason of “it’s the only thing making me a functional member of society and without it I’d murder you all” seems strong enough. But here you go anyway.

According to two new studies that were just published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine” journal, people who drink coffee LIVE LONGER.

A study out of the University of Southern California looked at 185,000 Americans over 16 years, and found that people who regularly drank coffee had lower death rates . . . especially people who drank at least four cups a day.

And the other study, out of Europe, looked at 520,000 people in 16 countries over 16 years, and found the exact same thing.

The researchers believe it’s all thanks to the antioxidants in coffee, not even the caffeine . . . because even decaf drinkers lived longer than other people.

So can we say for SURE that coffee is good for you? A professor at Johns Hopkins University says he’s not willing to go THAT far yet, but, quote, “the basic idea is that we are increasingly reassured that coffee is not harmful.”

(ABC News)

25 Odd Jobs That Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous

25 Odd Jobs That Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous

The “New York Post” has compiled a list of jobs that celebrities supposedly had before they were famous.

Some of them are fairly well known in pop culture, like that ANGELINA JOLIE working as a funeral director.  And some of them aren’t 100% accurate . . . like the fact that Angelina Jolie DIDN’T actually work as a funeral director, she just SAID that was one of her backup plans if the acting thing didn’t work out.

So, take these for what they are.  Here are 25 highlights. . .

  1.   Wyclef Jean was a gypsy cab driver.  Kids, that’s like an old-school Uber
  2.   Nicole Kidman was a massage therapist in Australia.
  3.   Jennifer Aniston was a bike messenger and a waitress.
  4.   Julia Roberts was a Baskin-Robbins ice-cream scooper.
  5.   Beyoncé used to sweep up hair at her mother’s salon.
  6.   Demi Moore was a debt collector.
  7.   Meryl Streep was a high school cheerleader.  Rumor has it she was also nominated for Homecoming Queen every year, whether she deserved it or not.  (???)
  8.   Bill Murray used to sell chestnuts outside a Chicago grocery store.
  9.   Gwen Stefani mopped floors at a Dairy Queen in Southern California.
  10.   Matthew McConaughey cleaned chicken coops.
  11.   Martha Stewart used to baby-sit Mickey Mantle’s four boys.
  12.   Rod Stewart was a soccer player.
  13.   Whoopi Goldberg worked in a mortuary, making up dead people’s faces.
  14.   Elvis Costello worked at a bank as a data entry clerk.
  15.   Jay-Z was a drug dealer.
  16.   Morgan Freeman was a “radar technician” for the U.S. Air Force.
  17.   Eddie Vedder worked nights as a hotel security guard.
  18.   Channing Tatum was a male stripper, obviously.
  19.   Patrick Dempsey was a juggler.
  20.   Victoria Beckham appeared on a BBC sex-education show.
  21.   Ozzy Osbourne worked a daily 9-to-5 in a slaughterhouse.
  22.   Mick Jagger was a porter in a mental hospital.
  23.   Mark Wahlberg modeled Calvin Klein BVDs, as EVERYONE knows by now.
  24.   Cyndi Lauper was a pop singer known for songs like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and “Time After Time”.  Oh, wait!  That was her famous period.  So let’s see . . . before that she cleaned the cages at a dog-kennel.
  25.   Keith Richards was a ball boy in a tennis club.

(Jedis:  At this point, maybe you can add in a job that YOU used to do . . . before scoring your glamorous job in radio.)



(For the whole list, hit up PageSix.com.)