Boomerang Gifts

People Are Giving “Boomerang Gifts” . . . Where They Give a Present That Benefits Them Too

What’s the big Christmas present you’re giving your significant other this year? A giant new TV? Dinner at a fancy restaurant? A trip to Hawaii?

If so, congratulations. Apparently you’re part of this year’s new trend called “boomerang gifts” . . . and you may not even realize you’re doing it.

A boomerang gift is when you give someone a present that also benefits YOU. Taking someone to a couples spa also benefits YOU . . . getting them a sweet new iPad also benefits YOU . . . five seasons of “The Wire” also benefits YOU.

A new survey found it’s becoming more and more popular . . . to the point where the majority of people are doing it now.

The top boomerang gifts are box sets of TV shows, boxes of chocolate, and movies. But really . . . who buys box sets of TV shows anymore?