Nickelback Is Teaching The Chainsmokers How to Handle Haters

Nickelback Is Teaching The Chainsmokers How to Handle Haters

In a way, THE CHAINSMOKERS are like the NICKELBACK of today, because they have more than their fair share of haters . . . not that they don’t deserve it.

So “People” magazine asked CHAD KROEGER and RYAN PEAKE from Nickelback if they had any advice for The Chainsmokers on dealing with it.

Chad said, quote, “Don’t Google yourself.  I never look at press.  I never look at comments on anything . . . what for?  If you’re looking for the negativity, it’s easy to find.”

He also took a shot at critics for being “mean and ruthless” and, quote, “try[ing] to convince the entire world not to like your band.”

Ryan advised them to focus on the fans that ARE showing up to their shows . . . quote, “Just play for fans . . . if you pay attention to people who don’t like your band, it’s not really why you’re there.”

The Chainsmokers saw the advice, and Tweeted, quote, “Lol, yeah, you don’t give [an eff] about them . . . love the people that support you and keep proving everyone wrong.”

63% of Women Think a Dad Bod Is Sexier Than Muscles

63% of Women Think a Dad Bod Is Sexier Than Muscles

Here’s an early Father’s Day ego boost. Apparently that doughy physique you’ve been sporting is actually sexier than you think . . .

According to a new survey, 69% of women think a “dad bod” is sexy . . . and 63% prefer a dad bod over a guy who’s in crazy good shape.

The study defined “dad bod” as, quote, “relatively fit, but neither lean nor muscular.” So not TOO chubby, but also not ripped or even toned at all.

Here are four more stats from the survey . . .

  1.  78% of women think a dad bod is a sign that a guy’s comfortable in his own skin.
  2.  47% of women agreed the “dad bod” is the new six-pack. So a little extra padding is in style right now.
  3.  80% of women said they’d be proud to be married to a guy with a dad bod.
  4.  92% of married men with a dad bod said they’re HAPPY with their marriage. 86% are happy with their life in general. And 61% said they’re proud of their body.

(PR Newswire)

Four Hacks to Deal with Mosquito Bites

Four Hacks to Deal with Mosquito Bites

Mosquito season is in full swing. Here are four things that can help if you find yourself covered in bites this summer . . .

  1.  Take a Benadryl. At the core, you’re dealing with an allergic reaction. So it can help with the itching. It’s probably overkill if you only have one or two bites though.
  2.  Put toothpaste on them. Calamine lotion is better. But toothpaste can help with the itching too. And it’s a good solution if you’re out camping and can’t get to a store.
  3.  Put aloe on it. It helps with the itching and swelling, and also helps them heal. Apparently aloe from the actual plant works better than the sunburn stuff.
  4.  Treat them with salt water. Or really, salt PASTE. Pour a little bit of water on the bite, just to get it wet. Then rub some salt on there. It might sting at first, but it should help with the itching.

There are also a few things you can do to reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home. And they all have to do with standing water. Clean your gutters out . . . fill in any holes in your yard . . . and get rid of anything else that might collect water. Like if you have a wheelbarrow, make sure you store it upside down.

(Lifehacker /

Here Are the Five Ultimate Food Arguments. You’ve argued these. Admit it

Here Are the Five Ultimate Food Arguments. You’ve argued these. Admit it

As Americans, we take our food SERIOUSLY. So we develop pretty strong opinions on the right way to eat some of the key staples of our diet.

A new survey asked people to weigh in, once and for all, on some of the ULTIMATE food arguments. Here’s what it found . . .

1. Should pizza be eaten with a knife and fork, or your hands? 92% say hands.

2. Should ketchup be used on eggs? 73% say no.

3. Which are better: Soft-shell tacos or hard-shell tacos? 64% say soft shell.

4. Is mayo a good condiment? 66% say yes.

5. And should mac-and-cheese be eaten with a fork or a spoon? 75% say fork.


The 100 Biggest Summer Songs of All Time

The 100 Biggest Summer Songs of All Time

Blurred Lines (Official Video) by T.I. & Robin Thicke & Pharrell on VEVO. has put together a list of ‘The 100 Biggest Summer Songs of All Time.’  To do it, they looked at the most popular songs from Memorial Day up through Labor Day, for every year from 1959 to 2016.

Then, they ranked them based on each song’s chart performance on the Hot 100.  So, there was a bunch of calculation involved, and no personal preferences.  This list is 100% MATHEMATICALLY SOUND!  (???)

Here’s the Top 20:

  1.  “I’ll Be Missing You”, Puff Daddy and Faith Evans featuring 112, 1997
  2.  “The Boy Is Mine”, Brandy and Monica, 1998
  3.  “Tossin’ and Turnin'”, Bobby Lewis, 1961
  4.  “Blurred Lines”, Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell, 2013
  5.  “Every Breath You Take”, The Police, 1983
  6.  “We Belong Together”, Mariah Carey, 2005
  7.  “I Just Want to Be Your Everything”, Andy Gibb, 1977
  8.  “When Doves Cry”, Prince & the Revolution, 1984
  9.  “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You”, Bryan Adams, 1991
  10.  “Alone Again (Naturally)”, Gilbert O’Sullivan, 1972
  11.  “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, The Rolling Stones, 1965
  12.  “Hot in Herre”, Nelly, 2002
  13.  “Bad Girls”, Donna Summer, 1979
  14.  “Roses Are Red (My Love)”, Bobby Vinton, 1962
  15.  “I’m Sorry”, Brenda Lee, 1960
  16.  “In the Year 2525”, Zager & Evans, 1969
  17.  “Eye of the Tiger”, Survivor, 1982
  18.  “Lonely Boy”, Paul Anka, 1959
  19.  “Umbrella”, Rihanna featuring Jay Z, 2007
  20.  “Crazy in Love”, Beyoncé featuring Jay Z, 2003

( has the whole Top 100)